Thoughts on the future of mobility

The future state of mobility, drivers for change, winners and losers

Opening note

In Dec 2016 I took a deeper dive into the mobility space and synthesised some thoughts in the following presentation. It covers the drivers for change, a view on the future state of mobility, and who will be the winners and losers. It includes thoughts on how the world is changing, what does the future hold for how people will move around and fulfil their needs for transportation and mobility.

The presentation is built upon research by leading consultancies, aggregated and augmented with my thoughts on the topic. It is high-level and is meant to be presented in-person rather than read as a stand-alone, exhaustive paper. It is meant as a starting point — see the list of sources for in-depth reading.

Key Points

  • Mobility is changing as a result of urbanisation, green movement, digitalisation, product innovation, and consumer behaviour
  • Future consumer is likely to employ multiple modes of transport based on their needs and cost
  • The automotive revenue pool will add $1.5 trillion (30%) in revenues due to the growth in the shared services
  • There is a strong movement towards autonomous vehicles and shared economy but they require advancements in public and private sectors to be adopted en masse (e.g. regulations, smart city technology)
  • The competitive environment in the mobility space is becoming increasingly more complex and includes mobility providers and technology giants in addition to traditional and emerging vehicle manufacturers
  • The mobility leaders of tomorrow will innovate within their core competency, collaborate with technology giants, and embrace new business models


The SlideShare version is here:

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