Deep tech and science early stage VC

2050 Capital is an early stage deep technology and science VC organisation. We invest in transformative and defensible innovation that impacts large fundamental sectors.

Investment Approach

We focus on enterprise software (with a deep science component), computational biotech, and engineering and science ventures. Our investment approach is disciplined and surgical, backed by deep due diligence. We surround ourselves with experts in every deal, invest with conviction, and close 2-6 deals per year. We write $200-500k seed checks and up to $3m in subsequent rounds. Over 50% of our investments have been in follow-ons.

We believe that to exercise significant positive change one must invest significant time and effort. No shortcuts. This goes for founders and for investors. From the first check onward we assist our portfolio companies with business development, strategy, and next stage fundraising. Once we become your investors, we become your partners.

If you have audacious, nearly impossible goals, and are on the way towads them, we'd love to get to know you. Please get in touch.

2050 Capital in Figures

  • $200-500k seed checks
  • up to $3m follow-on checks
  • 12 portfolio companies (21 transactions)
  • 70% of portfolio appreciated


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